Kombatan Pacific North West Chapter
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Seminar: Presenting Ernesto Presas System of Combative Filipino Martial Arts

Founder of Kombatan, a complete weapons & empty hand combative system

Featured in inside Kung-Fu & other martial arts magazines worldwide

1996 Gramdmaster of the Year, World Sokeship Councilís Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Date: Jul 15-16 Sat-Sun

Location: Portland, Oregon

Host: Guro Mike Bowers

Contact Number: (503) 668-9045

Admission: (Space Still Available) 1-Day $75 * 2-Day $125

Register Now! Call (503) 668-9045

Send Checks to: Mike Bowers

P.O. Box 1421

Grsham, OR 97030

N.W. Martial Arts

1500 SE Morning Way #K

Clackamas, OR 97015