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If you are looking for a combative art you have found it. This is not a sport art. It is an effective 3 dimensional street art. We are a school sanctioned by the Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas, the creator of this style. I am the chief instructor for the Pacific Northwest and have a sixth degree black belt (Lakan Anim) in this completed system. Our chapter is located in Portland, OR (Clackamas to be more exact).

Since 1998 my training has come directly from Grandmaster himself. I teach exactly what Grandmaster wants; that way the art is kept pure. Our group is part of the INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINE MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION. (I.P.M.A.F)

What is Arnis?

The system of Arnis we teach is Kombatan, which is a combat art. Combative hands, combative knife, and combative sticks. Arnis is a very unique martial art that originated in the Philippines over a thousand years ago. It differs greatly from other arts, in that all ranges of conflict are covered. These are; weapons, kicking, punching and grappling.

An Arnisador is a functional fighter in any range. In self defense you must be fluent in more than one range. This is why Arnis is a more complete system of combat and is a great complementary system to add to other arts of self defense. While Arnis is a relatively new art to the U.S., it is taking the martial arts world by storm. Arnis, an art proven in combat, is on the cutting edge of self defense. Its reactive flow drills are some of the most sought after in the world. The drills are the vehicle to teaching a person the techniques and flow, as well as increasing their conditioning.

In the world we live in today, violence is becoming more of an every day occurrence. The average person does not have to be "Bruce Lee" or a karate kid, however they do need some type of reality based survival skills in order to be able to walk with confidence and security. THIS is what we are offering. A basic self defense class that is focused on real life situations and physical fitness. The training will be kept REAL, but FUN and ENJOYABLE for all.


International Philippine Martial Arts Federation

(503) 657-3408

P.O. Box 1421, Gresham OR 97030


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