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What is Great About Training With Us?

First of all it is easy on the joints. As we are a soft style art, using the attacker's strength against himself. That is why women do so well in this art. Plus you don't have physical contact at first. So it is easy on the body, until you are conditioned, thus lessening the chance of injury. Also, when you are ready to test for your black belt, you get the chance to get it directly from Grandmaster Presas.

Arnis is one of the only arts to teach weapons first. What happens when you train with sticks first is that you learn eye hand coordination along with developing speed skills on how to strike and block.

People always come up and tell me I don't carry any sticks with me when I go out. Stick techniques translate to the hand and if the attacker uses a bat or a club you should be able to deal with it. By starting with something as simple as JUST MOVING, all the way to taking the weapon away. Most of all in knowing how to get out of danger so you can get away.

Our school is located in Clackamas, Oregon on highway 212 just two doors down from the Witchitaw Pub. Please contact me for further deatails.